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Fundraising in Public Libraries

I have always been under the impression that it is illegal for public libraries to fundraise on their own, aside from 2 book sales per year.

Fundraising, Friends of the Library, Public Libraries, Board of Trustees
Prevailing Wage Rates And Libraries

Are public library systems and public libraries (association, municipal, special district, school district) required to pay prevailing wage?

Library Employment Contracts, NY Labor Law, Wages, Vendors
Updated Unemployment Benefits in NY Labor Law

[NOTE: This submission is based on real-life questions about the new requirement imposed by New York State Labor Law Section 590(2).]

Ask HR, Benefits, NY Labor Law, Unemployment, Employment, Templates
Liability and Accessibility for Bike Lock Loans


Library of Things, Collection Management, Policy, Liability
Limiting Digital Content Access in Schools

Within the context of recent regional school book challenges, much of the attention has been focused on print collections.

Intellectual Freedom, Ethics, Collection Management, School Libraries, Overdrive, SORA, Policy, Book challenges
Setting Limits on Pay Outs of Accrued Vacation Time

Background: On Jan 1, 2023 we instituted several changes to employee time off accrual policies.

PTO, Vacation, and Leave, Policy, Management
Determining Responsibility in Materials Selection Policy

The [NAME REDACTED] Public Library has a materials selection policy in place.

Policy, Board of Trustees, Legal Poems, Collection Management, Public Libraries
Pass-Through Status for Libraries

A local artist has asked for us to become a fiscal sponsor (act as a “pass-through” organization). Is this something a public library can do?

Non-profits, 501c3, Grants, Taxes, Policy, Public Libraries
Hiring a Lobbyist for Libraries

Politics are impacting libraries more than ever, and our library organization is considering hiring a lobbyist to represent our interests in Al

Templates, Policy, Association Libraries, Cooperative Library Systems, Regional Library Councils, Political Action
Residency Requirements for Public Library Board of Trustees

[This question is a quasi-fictional mash-up of some questions we got from some town libraries and a cooperative library system.]

Board of Trustees, Public Libraries, Public Officers Law