Archival and Preservation Services

Ask the Archivist

WNYLRC would like to announce the launch of a new statewide service from the Empire State Library Network, now available to all WNYLRC members called Ask the Archivist. This is a one year pilot and ESLN will evaluate its effectiveness at the end of the first year.

This service is available to WNYLRC members, providing answers to basic questions regarding the management of their archives and special collections. This service is staffed by archivists at several of the Councils including WNYLRC of the Empire State Library Network (ESLN).  The staff will provide advice, referrals, and guidance to colleagues on all aspects of archival work, such as creating policies and strategic plans, collections processing, preservation, reference, acquisition, appraisal, and digital projects. We invite all your questions on archives and special collections, big or small. Questions can be submitted through an online form.

Preservation Equipment

We have a variety of equipment and expertise available to assist WNYLRC members in all stages of preservation projects. We have a limited amount of archival supplies and tools, 3d printing and scanning services, as well as both flatbed and large-format photographic reproduction equipment.

Assessment Services

WNYLRC also offers assessments of member's collections management concerns, including collections care and administration concerns, storage and holding areas, assistance with locating grant funding, and opportunities to join preservation initiatives. Assessments are available on a limited basis and include an on-site physical assessment, a written report, and advice on how best to represent the member organization and its holdings. Please contact Heidi Ziemer or Jason Barone to schedule an assessment of your archives (facility, collections, policies).