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Book Challenges Statement
Diversity Statement
Code of Conduct Policy
Privacy Policy
Payment/Refund/Cancellation Policy

Book Challenges Statement:

The Western New York Library Resources Council Board of Trustees denounce efforts to suppress access to library materials that represent marginalized populations through restrictions, physical removal, or deletion of these library materials. When library materials that give a voice to marginalized people are out of view, that sends a message that anyone identifying with these materials are not part of the community and often keep their inner lives secret/hidden for fear of being ostracized or intimidated or fear of physical harm.

We as Board members are affirming our endorsement of the American Library Association Library Bill of Rights which affirms that all libraries are forums for information and ideas. The Library Bill of Rights are the code of ethics of librarianship and which all degreed professionals commit to upon graduation. No other professionals are asked to ignore their professional code of ethics when challenged.

The first article of the Library Bill of Rights is that Books and other library resources should be provided for the “interest, information, and enlightenment of all people of the community the library serves. Materials should not be excluded because of the origin, background, or views of those contributing to their creation”. The second article of the Library Bill of Right states, "Libraries should provide materials and information presenting all points of view on current and historical issues. Materials should not be proscribed or removed because of partisan or doctrinal disapproval." Adhering to these rights is challenging for librarians when individuals or groups demand that materials be removed from library shelves because of dislike of the content or added to the library shelves that promote disinformation or outright falsehoods contrary to established historic fact. Strong library policies provide direction and a method for both the librarian and a library board or administration to address these issues concretely and in the best interest of their constituency.

For the advancement and well-being of all trustees of public library and school boards, K-12 superintendents, principals and teachers, college administrators, and NYS legislators, they all must recognize the gravity of their responsibility to nurture equitable, inclusive and welcoming learning environments. Strong library collection development policies that support the purchase of and access to inclusive and culturally responsive library materials including books that empower its readers to be agents of positive change, can increase empathy and understanding among cultural identities and differences. Strong library policies can prevent censorship and hasty decisions during challenges and allow for a thoughtful process and response to address (and combat) the concerns raised by individuals or groups who want to remove materials they don’t agree with. Strong library policies that for collection challenges provide direction and guidance in addressing factually inaccurate and dangerous materials from being added to library shelves as well as outside of a library’s regular collection policies.

Ensuring access to a diverse collection of professionally-selected library materials by a certified public or school librarian, or a college librarian is a concrete way educators can supplement not only the curriculum and encourage lifelong learning traits in our children as early as kindergarten, but also instill a socially and emotionally mature outlook for all library users and prevent the exclusion of historically silenced, erased, and disenfranchised groups.

Approved by the WNYLRC Board of Trustees, May 2022

Diversity Statement:

Western New York Library Resources Council (WNYLRC), through the Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism Committee (EDIAr) committee, is fully committed to addressing urgent matters of social justice, both now and into the future. WNYLRC offers a heartfelt apology to all members of the WNY library community who have experienced alienation or discrimination. We acknowledge that libraries have, through both action and inaction, contributed to a culture of oppression and marginalization in our communities.  WNYLRC also recognizes our many members who have shown great leadership in the call for change, and we, as part of the library community, will continue to keep equity, diversity, inclusion, and antiracism as our priority.

As a leader in library innovation, WNYLRC is committed to promoting diversity in all its forms and combating and resisting racism and oppression. The Council will lead in these efforts in the following ways:    

  • WNYLRC will recruit, promote, and retain librarians and staff from diverse backgrounds, especially Black, Indigenous, (and) People of Color (BIPOC).
  • The WNYLRC Board Nominating committee will seek to recruit and nominate Board of Trustee members from diverse backgrounds, especially BIPOC. 
  • WNYLRC standing committees will seek to recruit committee members from diverse backgrounds, especially BIPOC.
  • WNYLRC will support and encourage member libraries to recruit, promote, and retain librarians and library workers from diverse backgrounds, especially BIPOC.
  • WNYLRC will encourage all member libraries to develop collections according to EDIAr principles.
  • WNYLRC will encourage its community stakeholders (including its staff, committees, members, and Board of Trustees) to coordinate with community groups and organizations to address issues of equity, diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism in libraries.

Diversity statement drafted by the Equity, Diversity, and Anti-Racism Committee, 2021.

Diversity statement approved by the WNYLRC Board of Trustees January 25, 2022.

Code of Conduct Policy:

WNYLRC is a member-driven organization that helps libraries build connections with each other, library users, and the larger community. We work to foster these connections in an environment of mutual respect, regardless of one's gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, and age.

Treat all attendees, participants, speakers, and staff with respect. We will not tolerate harassing behavior in any form during WNYLRC webinars, in-person workshops, conferences, and other events organized and hosted by WNYLRC. Anyone found to be exhibiting slanderous, libelous, defamatory, or discriminatory, or other harassing behavior will be asked to leave the in-person session or removed from the online session. This decision will be made at the discretion of WNYLRC.

If you feel harassed or witness the harassment of someone else, please report this to any WNYLRC staff member in attendance at the event in question or to the WNYLRC Executive Director immediately.

Approved 05/2021

Privacy Policy:  

The Western New York Library Resources Council (WNYLRC) makes every effort to implement measures to secure sensitive data provided by our members through business transactions, website transactions, and in-person transactions. WNYLRC only requires information that it truly needs to conduct business and provide services to our members.  

WNYLRC may collect and use the following kinds of personal and professional information: 

  • Information about your use of WNYLRC services which may include your usage of wnylrc.org, wnylrcwatch.org, wnylib-l, and any other means we use to conduct the business of our organization.  This may include but is not limited to the collection of statistics, survey results, workshop registrations, payments of WNYLRC services, blog comments or uploaded news items, InfoPass applications, grant applications, and other services.
  • Information that you provide for the purpose of registering on the website including your contact information and your employer information. We are happy to assist you if you require help in registering for a class/event on our website but please be aware that we may have to access your login and/or password to resolve your problem.  Knowledge of this information will not be shared or stored in any way.

WNYLRC may use your personal information to:

  • Administer the website
  • Enable your access to and use of the website services (i.e. InfoPass)
  • Publish your name and/or contact information in reference to WNYLRC membership, committee membership, grants received, or comments made to the blog
  • Send you statements and invoices
  • Collect payments from you
  • Send you marketing communications or surveys
  • In the event that we may need to change your password, you will be notified of the new password and it is recommended that you change that to one of your preference the next time you log in

WNYLRC does not disclose your personal information to any vendors or subcontractors unless you have agreed for us to do so. WNYLRC takes reasonable technical and organizational precautions to prevent the loss, misuse, or alteration of your personal and professional information. We store your contact information on a secure server.  All information is safeguarded with PCI Compliant technology. We do not, however, store credit card information either in writing or on any of our servers.

WNYLRC may include links to other organizations or vendors on our website, in our blog postings, or in our listserv communications.  WNYLRC is not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of any third party entity.

WNYLRC is free to update this policy at any time and make it available on our website (www.wnylrc.org). 

Payment/Refund/Cancellation Policy: 

Members paying by credit cards: 

WNYLRC allows payments by credit card for workshop registrations, member dues, and program participation fees.

Credit card information is not stored or saved for future use.  All information is processed via Stripe and no local storage of any credentials occurs. Interface is delivered through secure embed.

Members paying by check: (Returned Check): 

If a member’s check is returned to us for insufficient funds, we require that the member pay the original amount due by cash, money order or cashier’s bank check plus a $10 service fee.  We also reserve the right to require payment by cash or bank check in the future. 

Cancellation/Refund Policy for classes and events: 

  • Full payment should be received 5 business days prior to the day of the scheduled class/event, unless prior arrangements have been made. If we do not receive payment the registrant’s seat could be forfeited to accommodate a waiting list and the registrant will not be allowed to sit in the workshop. The registrant will still be responsible for the class/event fee if the registrant does not show up at the class/event and has not cancelled their registration 5 business days prior to the day of the event. Last minute registrants, who have confirmed with WNYLRC they can attend a class/event, will be required to make payment at the door.
  • WNYLRC does not invoice individuals. WNYLRC invoices institutions on behalf of registrants that have supplied a purchase order.
  • No money will be refunded if reservation is cancelled less than 5 business days prior to the day of the scheduled class/event. Cancellations are not taken by phone. To cancel a class/event the registrant must log on to web site, go to My Information, click on the class/event the registrant wishes to cancel.  They must scroll to the bottom portion of the page and click on the cancel link.
  • For a class/event that is not scheduled in the online registration system, cancellations may be given over the phone.
  • WNYLRC has the right to cancel any class/event due to insufficient registration. Refunds will be made to those who register for a class/event that is later cancelled by WNYLRC.