How to Submit a Question to Ask the Lawyer

Before submitting a question, please familiarize yourself with the database of Recently Asked Questions to confirm that the topic in mind has not already been answered. You can search for keywords using the website search box at the top right corner of the page. School or public libraries must first check with your library systems before submitting an inquiry since your system may be best positioned to answer your question.

For all submissions, please know the following: Ask the Lawyer is a service arranged with your regional Library Council. Upon submission, you and your Council as joint clients will seek the services of the Law Office of Stephanie Adams, PLLC (the" LOSA"). The "Ask the Lawyer" service is not legal representation of your organization.

Select the appropriate form, based on your library's location and affiliation. If you are unsure, reference the map below or contact Sheryl Knab.

Capital District Library Council form
Central New York Library Resources Council form
Long Island Library Resources Council form - log in required
Metropolitan New York Library Council form
Northern New York Library Network form
Rochester Regional Library Council form
South Central Regional Library Council form
Southeastern NY Library Resources Council form
Western New York Library Resources Council form

Map showing which counties are members of each 3 Rs council