A member of the public called me regarding the trend to switch to LED lighting in many libraries, especially rural libraries applying for NYS Public Library Construction Funding. She told me that she suffers from Photosensitive Epilepsy, and LED lights (among other light sources) cause her to have seizures, which result in injuries.


This question is at the tip of a large and fast-moving iceberg.

As with many iceberg-type issues, when I started my research, I didn’t know how deep things went.

So, I did my usual thing when a question involves the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”), went to, to see what they had to say about LEDs and epilepsy.


I am seeking clarification on the legal provisions regarding the oversight and management of construction projects by a municipal library. Our Law Department has previously indicated that the library board is not authorized to handle construction projects directly, asserting that it is the responsibility of the town.


Let's begin by breaking this question down a bit and giving one-word answers.

Question 1: Is it legally possible for a municipal library to manage its own construction projects?

Answer: YES.

Question 2: Can a library board take on such a role?


Question 3: What is the legal framework for such an arrangement?