Tired of Hearing "I didn't know the library did that"? Here's Your Fix.

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Are you tired of hearing people say, "I didn't know the library did that"? Don't despair— there are tactics that can help. Start with a little research, then use what you've learned to write attention-getting messages, then share those on all the proper platforms, at the perfect time. Sound like a lot to juggle? That's where a Communication Plan comes in.
A Communication Plan will help you keep everything straight by gathering all the necessary info in one spot. It will also force you to think more strategically. Marketing Communication maven Kathy Dempsey will share a template and show you how to construct a plan that can cut down on your "I didn't know" patron frustration. During this session, we will cover all of these concepts:

  • The power of good (and bad) communication
  • One “size” message does not fit all; segmentation is vital
  • How to plan for both internal and external communications
  • What a Communication Plan should include and how to draft one

This 60-minute session will help guide those tasked with MarCom work to organize their campaigns and achieve their best outcomes. It will also help managers to better assess their organizations' communication efforts, both internal and external.

This event is sponsored by the Western New York Library Support Staff Committee.

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Kathy Dempsey, author of The Accidental Library Marketer, LibrariesAreEssential.com

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