Repatriating the Red Jacket Peace Medal and Cultivating Museum Partnerships

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Join Melissa Brown, Executive Director of The Buffalo History Museum, and Dr. Joe Stahlman, Director of the Seneca Nation Tribal Historic Preservation Office, for a discussion centered on the relationship between the one regional Indigenous community and the Buffalo History Museum.  Executive Director Brown and Dr. Stahlman share their story and some of the complexities behind the Red Jacket Peace Medal, which was repatriated back in 2021. Together, they share this unique history and discuss how this one moment opened a set of doors that has allowed the WNY Indigenous arts and culture community to interact with the Buffalo History Museum, which has broadened the ways that we share our collective regional stories.

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Dr. Joe Stahlman and Melissa Brown

Dr. Joe Stahlman is the Director of Seneca Nation’s Tribal Historic Preservation Office. Joe is a scholar and researcher of Tuscarora descent. He has over 30 years of research experience working with First Peoples and allies. His research focuses on culture and history, as well as ongoing socio-economic and health & wellness related endeavors with Native communities. He takes an active role in addressing the spaces Native peoples occupy in North American museums, arts, archaeology, cultural resource management, and scholarship. Regularly, Joe talks on the need to promote equity, equality, and justice among all peoples in North American society through processes which are inclusive for all and empowers people to express agency through creative and intellectual endeavors.

Melissa Brown, Executive Director of The Buffalo History Museum, is an entrepreneurial leader seizing her passion for and expertise in material culture to create emotional connections. From collections storage to front-of-house, Melissa has served in many roles always maximizing the social network and energy the collection creates. Her 25-years of service at the Museum has strengthened her mindfulness of the presence of the past. This connection shapes the Museum’s guiding purpose- that history is a journey we take together, an act of exploration and information that helps us define our values and shape our future course.

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