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3D Printing is common as a hobby and increasingly is found in library Makerspaces. However, using a 3D printer successfully requires knowledge and experience which are often harder to come by than the equipment itself. This course is designed to fix that!

Starting from the very basics of What Is 3D Printing? through coverage of essential skills to make sure your patrons’ prints don’t fail, we’re here to make sure that you’re confident and able to operate and troubleshoot a 3D printer as well as prepare prints for patrons. We’ll cover basic types of printers, the fundamentals of preparing prints and operating the software required and end up covering some advanced concepts like different material types or cutting-edge printing technologies. No experience is required, just a desire to learn and a willingness to explore, experiment, and ask questions!

This one-hour webinar is Part 1 of a series of trainings focusing on Makerspace technologies. Stay tuned for workshops on advanced printing and modeling, as well as audio production and recording basics.

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Jay Barone, WNYLRC Technology Services Coordinator

Jay Barone is a maker, printer, librarian, and current Technology Services Coordinator at WNYLRC.  In over fifteen years of library work, he has worked in rare books, archives, management, and many other facets of librarianship.  At WNYLRC he explores new technology and new initiatives for members, patrons, and collections. Outside libraries, Jay is a watchmaker, auto enthusiast, CAD designer, and manages an independent music studio for local artists.

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