Preservation Committee

preservation committee


Committee Charge:

  • To assess the need in Western New York for preservation and conservation
  • To foster education and an awareness of sound conservation and preservation practices in an ever shifting digital world and to that end:   

                To be a regional resource for facilitating knowledge of and promoting an attitude for conservation and preservation;

                To provide training, including implementation of preservation standards, including metadata, open source technology, digitization and born digital preservation practices. 

Committee charge reaffirmed by the WNYLRC Board of Trustees on May 24, 2017.


Digitization Basics Series: Photography

This brochure is one of what will be a series of brochures to assist people in learning the basics of digitization. Produced by Omar Brown, Ken Swiatek, and Christine Riggi of the WNYLRC Preservation Committee.


Preservation LibGuide



Archival Enclosures Demonstration: Four Flap Enclosure and Three Flap Enclosure

Committee Members: