WNYLRC supports communication with and among our members. Below are the main modes for sending and receiving news and updates to/from the membership. If you would like us to engage using a different format, we would love to hear from you. Please let us know what is and isn't working so if possible we could incorporate other modes of communication. We want you to be fully involved in all WNYLRC has to offer to you as a member.

Our Listservs

WNYLIB-L - This is WNYLRC's main communication vehicle and is hosted at University at Buffalo. This listserv is for WNYLRC members only for general discussions and announcements of interest to WNYLRC members. Troubleshooting: If you have any questions about your subscription and are unable to find an answer, contact: Caitlin Kenney at 716-633-0705 ext. 115

Committee Lists - There are listservs available for each committee to use. Please contact the Committee Chair or Jenn Northup 716-633-0705 ext.100 if you are experiencing any issue with your committee's listserv or if you need to update your email address.
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This list is currently inactive until Summer 2024. Existing subscribers will be re-added when the list is reactivated. For more information, contact Jenn Northup.

WNYLRC distributes a monthly newsletter through the WNYLIB-L listserv. Subscribe for updates from WNYLRC, regional committees, and general library news from the WNY region and the state.

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Networking Opportunities

WNYLRC hosts multiple networking events through the year to provide opportunities for member organization staff to meet others in the WNY region. Regular events include Getting to Know You events hosted by the WNY Library Support Staff Committee and the Annual Meeting of the Membership. If you are interested in hosting a networking event at your institution, please contact Jenn Northup