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Insurance for Friends of the Library Groups

Is it required or advised that the Friends group (ours is a separate non-profit) have their own insurance?

Friends of the Library, Public Libraries, Insurance, Liability
Employers Disclosing Reason for Employee's Leave

Are there any laws around a supervisor or manager telling others the reason for an employee being out on leave?

Employee Rights, Privacy, PTO, Vacation, and Leave, ADA, HIPAA
Hiring Social Workers in Public Libraries

What would it look like if a Public Library hired a part-time social worker to help patrons deal with some of their everyday life issues that m

Public Libraries, Social Work, Employment, Contracts, Ethics
Viewing Physical Media of Live Performances

I recently purchased a copy of a DVD at the request of a professor. I believe that the professor intends to show this film in class.

Section 110, Copyright, Fair Use, DVDs
Return of School District Tax Levy Money

Our library gets taxpayer funding from its own line on a school district tax bill.

School Districts, Public Libraries, Taxes, Budget
Re-leveling Books Using AI

[This question comes from a regional BOCES.]

Copyright, Derivative Works, AI, Public Domain, Disability
Transferring Copyright After Creator's Death

Many libraries/archives hold unpublished materials whose creators are deceased, but are still protected by copyright since copyright lasts 70 y

Copyright, Donations, Templates
SAM Coverage for Libraries

We are a small, rural, association library that serves a population of under 4,500.

SAM coverage, Insurance, Policy, Association Libraries, Safety, Liability
Donated Discards and Copyright

The library has been discussing new ways to handle our discards.

Donations, Copyright, Intellectual Freedom, First Sale Doctrine, Discards, Controlled Digital Lending
Management of Municipal Library Construction Projects

I am seeking clarification on the legal provisions regarding the oversight and management of construction projects by a municipal library.

Municipal Libraries, Library Buildings, Construction, Contracts, Board of Trustees