Exploring the Future of Digital Library Loans: Controlled Digital Lending - VIRTUAL
Friday, March 10, 2023
Friday, March 10, 2023
10:00 am to 3:00 pm

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Online via Zoom


Join us in person or online for a one day symposium on controlled digital lending. You will learn what controlled digital lending is, where the concept came from, the technical aspects of how it works in the library, and the legal frameworks of controlled digital lending.

This symposium is being offered in a hybrid format. You are registering for the virtual version of the event. Lunch will be provided only to in-person attendees. If you want to register for the in-person version, click this link.


Implementing Controlled Digital Lending at Scale: Insights from the Boston Library Consortium - Charlie Barlow

Controlled Digital Lending (CDL) represents a transformational opportunity for libraries and for library consortia. It enables libraries to lend digitized versions of items from their physical collections, improving access to their collections and the range of learning and research outcomes for patrons. In fall 2021, the Boston Library Consortium (BLC) announced its plans to implement CDL as a mechanism for interlibrary loan. This session will explore BLC’s CDL Early Adopter Program, launching this summer, and address the technical, legal, and workflow challenges of implementing CDL at scale.

Who Will Inherit the Digital Wind? The Promise and Perils of Controlled Digital Lending - Tom Bruno

Controlled Digital Lending (or CDL) has been in the news lately, as the Internet Archive is fighting a lawsuit against four major publishers with CDL at the heart of the battle. Is CDL the future of resource sharing or will it be just an interesting footnote in library history? Join librarian Tom Bruno as he takes you on a whirlwind tour of Controlled Digital Lending, Whole Ebook ILL, and other innovative library services as we explore this exciting new digital frontier.

Implementing CDL for Course Reserve - Mei Grierson

As libraries have struggled to provide access to print collections during the pandemic, the speaker will discuss how the University at Buffalo Libraries found creative solutions by implementing controlled digital lending to provide online access to its course reserve collection. This session will give an overview of the planning process, and a demonstration of the current digital course reserve system. We will also share lessons learned, future plans, and will leave time for wider discussion.


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Charlie Barlow, Tom Bruno, Mei Grierson
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Charlie Barlow is executive director of the Boston Library Consortium (BLC), a consortium serving public and private universities, liberal arts colleges, state libraries, special research libraries, and public libraries in the northeastern United States. Prior to BLC, he served as vice president for strategic initiatives and programs at the Associated Colleges of the Midwest and held academic and administrative appointments at the University of Chicago and Roosevelt University. Charlie serves on the boards of directors for the Association for Collaborative Leadership, Housing Choice Partners, and the National Public Housing Museum, and is the secretary of Project ReShare.

Tom Bruno is the Director of Access Services at the University of Pennsylvania Libraries. He has previously worked in resource sharing at Harvard, Yale, and NYU. Tom has been an active member of the Rethinking Resource Sharing Initiative and served as 2015-2016 Chair of ALA RUSA STARS. When he's not thinking about ILL and all things Access Services, Tom also runs the Dungeons & Dragons programming at his local public library."

Mei Grierson has 10 years of experience working in both academic and public libraries, most recently as the Course Reserve Supervisor at the University at Buffalo where she has overseen course reserve since 2016. As of 2020, she has helped lead the UB Libraries' adoption and implementation of digital course reserve.


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