Correctional Librarianship
Thursday, February 16, 2023
Thursday, February 16, 2023
3:00 pm to 4:00 pm

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When you think of professional opportunities in New York State, Correctional Librarianship probably doesn’t come to mind.  This segment will describe the rewards and opportunities that Correctional Librarianship can offer.  You will be intrigued by being a librarian, a manager and a department head all in one day.  It will show you that a lot of work developing your facility library will reap intrinsic and financial rewards. Corinne Leone will share her experiences working with and programming for a diverse adult population. She will convey something about each correctional facility library, in New York State and that they are modeled after a community public library with added layers of safety.  This segment will inform you about how Corinne was initially apprehensive and how she feels now. 


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Corinne F. Leone, Director for Correctional Library Services
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Corinne F. Leone, Director for Correctional Library Services August 2016 to the present.  Corinne (pronounced Cor-een) was a Senior Librarian in a Western New York NYS Correctional Facility, from January 2007-August 2016. Prior to these positions with NYS, she worked at the North Collins Public Library as the contract Library Director from February 1997 to May of 2007.  She was instrumental in construction of the new facility, in North Collins, built in 1999.  She received an Administrative Degree from Long Island University, in 2015.  Also, in 2015 she was named Correction’s Woman of the Year.

Corinne’s Master’s Degree in Library Informatics Science (MLIS) is from The University of Buffalo. 

Corinne has been published and is a Notary Public. 

In her spare time, she is a Eucharistic Minister and holds the personal record for raising the most money for the WNY Susan G. Komen Race for a Cure.  She is a Survivor, who has captained a team since 2005.  In 2014, she was named Race Honoree for all of Western New York.

She is also the Deputy Mayor and serves on the Village Board in her WNY residence.  Her favorite summer activity is running a stuffed hot pepper contest annually.

She (and Mark Twain) is of the belief that those who can read and don’t; have little over those who can’t.

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