Ten Provocations for the Next Decade
Thursday, April 2, 2020
Thursday, April 2, 2020
4:30 pm to 6:30 pm

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Held virtually only.


Come join SLAWNY members at WNYLRC to enjoy a virtual visit by the one and only Debbie Abilock! She will spend an hour with us talking about the ten major trends in school librarianship over the next decade!

This will be a virtual workshop examining 5 major areas that school librarians will need to focus on in the future:

1. Instruction: algorithms and solutionism, instructional friction

2. Disciplinary literacy: rhetoric

3. Data and Science literacy: source evaluation

4. Civic literacy: DEI, difficult conversations

5. Visual literacy: primary sources, picture books

Debbie will break down each of these areas into 2 trends, for a total of 10 trends.


1 hour of CTLE credit is available for this workshop.


Please note: Due to the evolving COVID-19 pandemic, we are no longer hosting this workshop in the training center. You will be emailed the virtual link to attend the workshop. You will still receive CTLE credit for attending it virtually.

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Debbie Abilock
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Debbie Abilock speaks and consults internationally on curriculum, learning and assessment. Her areas of expertise include teaching academic research including disciplinary literacy, information evaluation and the ethical use of information. As an Internet pioneer in the early 1990’s, she won the Grand Prize for innovative online curriculum from Time Magazine. She was appointed a Library of Congress American Memory Fellow, honored by Library Journal as a “Mover and Shaker” and received the CSLA President’s Award for curricular leadership. She is past-President of BayNet, a consortium of academic, special and school libraries and has served on a number of education-related advisory boards including the Kettering Foundation’s ALA Center for Public Life; ALA Publishing Division Oversight Board; New Hampshire University System, Granite State School Library Masters Program and the Morocco Library Project. Debbie co-founded NoodleTools, Inc., a company that provides a suite of Web-based tools and services to support academic research, and to help educators as they teach students to comprehend and think critically about sources when they read and synthesize text, data and visual information.

Debbie has over thirty years of practical experience educating gifted and learning-disabled students, as well as an administrator’s understanding of school systems. She served as Assistant Head of the San Francisco School and worked for over 20 years at the Nueva School, Hillsborough, CA as Librarian, Curriculum Coordinator and Director of a Technology, Library, and Curriculum Department. She has authored and managed government and corporate grants for public and private schools which supported technology-infused learning in sciences and humanities.

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