WNYLRC Workshop, User-Centered Design: Listening to Patrons to Improve Services & Spaces
Friday, October 13, 2017
Friday, October 13, 2017
1:00 pm to 4:30 pm

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WNYLRC Training Center


According to the New Media Consortium’s Horizon Report, 2016 Higher Education Edition, “The Internet and mobile technologies have revolutionized how people find, consume and interact with content.” Whether it’s for a college or university, K-12 school, or public library, redesigning space to accommodate users demanding greater flexibility, mobility and access to technology for learning and engagement is seen as a major concern in long term planning for sustainability.


Our presenters, Sara Wright and Camille Andrews from Albert R. Mann Library at Cornell University will discuss trends in redesigning learning spaces in libraries and share some of the work done at Mann over the last several years to address the creation of physical settings that promote greater collaboration in learning and improve the library experience for the 21st century library patron. Participants will learn about, and how to apply, a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods (many of which can be done with limited budget and staff time) to gather feedback on the behaviors and needs of your patrons. This will be a participatory presentation - be prepared to get creative!

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Camille Andrews and Sara Wright
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Camille Andrews is Emerging Literacies Librarian at Albert R. Mann Library at Cornell University Library (CUL), where she works on online learning, multimodal literacies and the MannYoufacture makerspace. Since 2004, Camille has also been involved in: outreach; instruction; assessment for learning outcomes, technologies, services and spaces; information literacy initiatives; and learning technologies. She is extremely interested in the intersection of library and information science, user experience, instructional design, 21st century literacies and new technologies.

Sara E. Wright is the Head of Learning, Spaces, & Technology at Albert R. Mann Library, part of the Cornell University LIbrary (CUL) system, where she leads a team focused on instruction and assessment, services and spaces, and the incorporation of emerging technologies into our learning spaces.  She has been a long-standing member of the library’s learning technologies committee, which assists with the design and assessment of library learning spaces.  It is through this committee, as well as her work on the library’s website redesign team, that she has become increasingly interested in usability and UX design and how the principles of UX can inform decision making in all areas of the library. 

Camille and Sara E. Wright were co-authors, with Howard Raskin, of “Library learning spaces: Investigating libraries and investing in student feedback” in 2015 in the Journal of Library Administration.


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