WNYLRC Workshop: Web Design from Zero to 60
Thursday, June 1, 2017
Thursday, June 1, 2017
9:00 am to 4:00 pm

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WNYLRC Training Center


Have no web design experience? Have some experience but want to learn more? This class is for you. In this full-day hands-on workshop, we’ll start by learning the basics of HTML and CSS (the building blocks of web design) and end with you creating a webpage and putting it online.

The instructor will guide the class through hands-on exercises in creating HTML files and seeing how the code you type results in a webpage that the user sees. We’ll learn about the various HTML/CSS tags, proper format and syntax, and the different uses for the two languages. In addition, we’ll learn how HTML files are stored on a webserver and delivered to the user. Then we’ll take the pages we’ve created in the exercises and upload them to a web server.

 No HTML or web design experience is needed. However, you should be familiar with copying/pasting, clicking on links with a mouse, and typing a website address into a browser.

Space is limited to 15 participants!

Lunch will be provided.

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Jaclyn McKewan
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Jaclyn McKewan has worked at WNYLRC for 8 years. She currently serves as the Digital Services Coordinator, a role that includes managing the Ask Us 24/7 online chat service, and assisting members with digitization projects.

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