WNYLRC supports communication with and among our members. Below are our main modes for sending and receiving news and updates to/from the membership.

If you would like us to engage using a different format, we would love to hear from you. Please let us know what is and isn't working so if possible we could incorporate other modes of communication. We want you to be fully involved in all WNYLRC has to offer to you as a member.


Listserv - WNYLIB-L

This list is for WNYLRC members only for general discussions and announcements of interest to WNYLRC members

Subscription Instructions


Subscribe to WNYLIB-L on your own

To subscribe send email to:
In the body of the email message write:   subscribe wnylib-l Firstname Lastname

Leave the subject area of the message blank and delete any signature file you may have at the end of 
your message.

You will receive an email that you must respond to and confirm that you want to be added to the list.

To leave the list, send an email to: Caitlin at to request removal.

Digest Subscription

Users can sign up for digestified rather than immediate delivery of list items using the command SET wnylib-l digests. 
This option is an alternative to MAIL and NOMAIL.

To enable digest send email to: 
In the body of the email message write: SET wnylib-l digests

Leave the subject area of the message blank and delete any signature file you may have at the end of 
your message.

When switching around between these delivery options, users will observe the following behavior (digests will be assumed to be daily for the sake of clarity):

• When switching to NOMAIL: delivery stops immediately. The day's digest is not sent, as the user is assumed to desire immediate termination of traffic from the list. Any mail already "in the pipeline" to the subscriber will still be delivered.

• When switching from any option to DIGEST: mail delivery stops immediately, and the first digest may contain some items the user has already seen (if switching from MAIL to DIGEST). This is because the digests are global to the list - they are the same for everyone, just like regular issues of newspapers.

• When switching from DIGEST to NODIGEST, the current, unfinished digest is immediately mailed to the user. 
New messages are delivered normally, as they arrive. Thus, a "trick" to get a copy of the current digest is to switch to 
NODIGEST and then back to DIGEST. You can send both commands in the same mail message to make sure they are executed together.


Troubleshooting: If you have any question about your subscription and are unable to find an answer contact: 716-633-0705, Caitlin Kenney ( X115


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