Intersect Unconference

Announcing Intersect 2022 – Libraries as Evolving Organisms

On behalf of the Western New York Library Resources Council’s Continuing Education Committee, we would like to thank everybody who made our past unconferences a success!  It has been awesome to see such great ideas, creativity, and support from the library workers of Western New York (and beyond!) and we are excited to announce the beginning of Round One (Idea Submission) for Intersect 2022: Libraries as Evolving Organisms! This year’s theme was the most popular in our recent poll. Thank you to everyone who participated!


The event will be held in person on October 7, 2022. We are excited to be able to see everyone in person again!The event will be held in the Buffalo area; venue details will be provided once confirmed.

We are starting the planning process for Intersect 2022 right away, so please get involved on our proposal padlet:!


How to Get Involved

Submit a Presentation Idea!

We are looking for ideas for workshop sessions, lightning talks, pecha kucha, discussion roundtables, breakout sessions, interactive panel discussions, technology demonstrations, presentations in interesting new formats, and/or anything else that you'd like to experience at this year’s unconference. Ideas do not yet need to be fully-formed. Full proposals will be solicited from those selected for Round Two of the vetting process.

Vote and/or Comment on Ideas!

Vote for your favorite ideas or post your support, concerns, or suggestions for enhancing an idea. We want to hear from all perspectives! The ideas with the most votes and interaction on the padlet will move forward to Round Two of our proposal vetting process, so this is your chance to make sure your favorite ideas make it through!

Volunteer as a Peer Reviewer!

Once the top submissions have been established, the Continuing Education Committee will need assistance assessing formal conference proposals. This would be a temporary, short-term commitment of approximately one month or less, around June or July 2022. If you would be interested in volunteering as a peer reviewer, please contact Caitlin Kenney ( or Bryan Sajecki ( at any time to express your interest. 

Please submit your ideas, votes, and comments by May 20, 2022.


Important Dates (So Far)

Idea Submission/Voting: April-May 2022

Invitation to Round Two (Formal Proposals): Early June

Peer Review Period: June-July 2022

Intersect 2022: October 7, 2022


Contact Us!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Erin Vest (, Bryan Sajecki (, or Caitlin Kenney (