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AcademicSHARE is a program that expands access to academic library materials and resources for New York State college students, staff, and faculty, regardless of their academic affiliation. Libraries that are open to allowing on-site access and materials lending to a student, staff, or faculty member of any New York State institution can identify themselves as an AcademicSHARE library.

As of December 2021, the following Academic Member libraries have agreed to the following statement and have added this statement to their website:

We are an Empire State AcademicShare library. Therefore, AcademicSHARE Member libraries minimally agree to allow on-site access and lend materials to any current college student, staff, and/or faculty member from another Empire State AcademicShare member academic library. However, at minimum, a verifiable valid college I.D. is required. The library may choose to treat the college I.D. as confirmation the student/faculty member is in good standing. Other proof of identification or status may be required.

In addition, all Western New York Library Resources Council AcademicSHARE Members agree to provide on-site access to resources to all current InfoPass cardholders or individuals who present an AcademicSHARE Pass. Safety restrictions and borrowing privileges will vary by institution; please contact the individual library for more information.

For more information, visit the AcademicSHARE FAQ Page.

Below is a list of AcademicSHARE libraries in the WNYLRC region. A list of other New York State libraries participating in AcademicSHARE is located on Empire State Library Network at


WNY AcademicSHARE Participants


AcademicShare Pass

AcademicSHARE Pass

The AcademicSHARE Pass Program (beginning in 2024) encourages academic library access for non-academic affiliated researchers, faculty, and students. The AcademicSHARE Pass can be distributed by any pre-approved WNYLRC member and acts as an introduction of the researcher, faculty, or student to the academic library they wish to visit.  The academic library being visited may ask the researcher, faculty member, or student to complete a form in order to be added to the library’s ILS to receive a community borrower or access card. Borrowing and access privileges are left to the academic library’s discretion. If borrowing privileges are provided, researchers, faculty, and high school students must adhere to all policies and procedures of the academic library being visited. The researcher, faculty, or student will be solely responsible for the safekeeping and timely return of library materials and may incur a fine or charge if materials are lost or not returned.  

Interested members who wish to provide this service to their researchers, faculty, or students, will be required to complete a yearly AcademicSHARE Pass Program participation form and will be considered the “home library.”  The home library can issue AcademicSHARE invitational passes to their researchers, faculty, and students they consider to be in "good standing." The home library will be listed on as a participating program institution. An AcademicSHARE Pass can only be requested from participating home libraries.


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Empire Library Delivery (ELD) improves statewide delivery, making resource sharing connections among all types of libraries affordable and streamlined. ELD provides return on investment for libraries by providing a convenient, affordable, and tailored delivery service to institutions, thereby supporting increased statewide resource sharing among ELD participants. By bundling shipments of library materials, ELD assists libraries in quickly getting items into the hands of users. An advisory council of representatives from the IDS project, CUNY libraries, SUNY Libraries, independent colleges, and other representative institutions work collaboratively to ensure an efficient, cost-effective exchange of materials among participating libraries.

For more information, please visit Empire Library Delivery at ESLN. For questions regarding ELD’s day-to-day operations, please contact


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The Overdrive Discount Program provides ESLN academic libraries with the opportunity to participate in a consortial, shared collection of e-books geared to informal reading and browsing. This program is managed by Northern New York Library Network and more information can be found on the ESLN website.

Interested academic libraries should complete the sign-up form and send it to

Academic Overdrive Consortial Details (pdf) - updated 6/22/2022