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2021-2026 WNYLRC 5-Year Plan of Service

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Strategic Planning Committee 2020:

2021-2026 Member Strategic Plan

In December 2020, the Strategic Planning Committee completed its work on the new Strategc Plan July 1, 2021- June 30, 2026.  Every five years, WNYLRC is required by New York State Regents to draft a 5-Year Strategic Plan of Service in partnership with the WNYLRC Board of Trustees and member libraries. There are two versions:  one that goes to New York State (Plan of Service) and one that synthesizes the plan into goals and objectives (Member Strategic Plan). Below is the data the committee collected over the past year that was used to write the plan.

2020 Survey Results

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2020 Strategic Planning Process:

In May 2020, WNYLRC hired Nancy S. Kirkpatrick and Pamela Jones as consultants to facilitate the strategic planning process. Nancy and Pam used a collaborative approach to gather input and worked closely with the Strategic Planning Committee. Throughout 2020, data was collected from members and stakeholders through a variety of formats: a member survey, virtual meetings, facilitated conversations including a SOAR activity, and an environmental scan completed by the consultants. All of that data informed the conversations which yielded a draft plan with organizational goals, objectives, and action steps.

The current service model, developed in 2011, allows WNYLRC to be adaptable, nimble, and proactive in implementing change, allowing WNYLRC to stay ahead of technological advancements.  WNYLRC encourages experimentation both within WNYLRC’s office and in partnership with our members.  Therefore, the existing incubator service model of questioning existing practices and testing new ideas will continue to allow WNYLRC to: 

  • Operate on the premise of specific principles that consider the end users and the library community as beneficiaries of its actions rather than relying on a mission statement that specifies current services and has the potential to become outdated.
  • Provide seed money when available for new initiatives and avoid supporting in perpetuity programs and services that are core to library services and should be supported by member libraries themselves.
  • Remain nimble, adaptable, and proactive, and therefore better able to support its members.
  • Continue to assess and evaluate the rapid change in the library industry and position WNYLRC to both lead and assist its members in meeting the challenges and opportunities that are the consequence of change.

 2020 Strategic Planning Committee

Sheryl Knab, WNYLRC

Tim Binga, Center for Inquiry

Deb Chiarella, University at Buffalo

Justin Cronise, ECC South

Jan Dekoff, Chautauqua Cattaraugus Library System

Lisa Erikson, Nioga Library System

Dennis Galucki, Imagine Series

Olivia Helfer, WNYLRC

Heidi Julien, University at Buffalo

Caitlin Kenney, WNYLRC

Michelle LaVoie, Olean Public Library

Charles Lyons, SUNY Buffalo State

Dave Schoen, Niagara University

Mandi Shepp, SUNY Fredonia

Alicia Thompson, Erie 1 BOCES School Library System

Heidi Ziemer, WNYLRC

Nancy S. Kirkpatrick, consultant

Pam Jones, consultant