Benjamin and Dr. Edgar R. Cofeld Judaic Museum of Temple Beth Zion

805 Delaware Ave.
Buffalo, NY 14209

Phone: (716) 836-6565

Description of Library: We are the only Jewish Museum in Greater Buffalo, NY. We have a full range of Judaic artifacts dating mainly from 16th Century to contemporary times, as well as Holocaust materials. We are also a regional archives about Jewish individuals, Jewish businesses and Jewish institutions, including other synagogues as well as our holding significant materials about our own synagogue history. We hold a collection of reference books relating to Buffalo Jews, Judaica, Holocaust and Temple Beth Zion.

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Library Type: Cultural

Historical Society of the Town of Clarence

5170 Bank Street
PO Box 86
Clarence, NY 14031

Phone: (716) 759-8575

Description of Library: The Historical Society has a vast collection of Town of Clarence recrods for historical research and education.

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Library Type: Other/Special

Jesus the Liberator Seminary of Religious Justice

51 Colonial Circle
Buffalo, NY 14222

Phone: (716) 430-1950

Description of Library: Since 1994, we have created templates and blueprints for unconditional compassionate service and knowledge filled faith initiatives, for and with poor and oppressed people. For many of those years, we created a "bridge of understanding through theological education of the incarcerated and the community." Our archives are full of those initiatives, efforts, curriculum's, seminars, articles and 3 published books. We have theological and devotional writings from hundreds of incarcerated people. All of these insights and work, along with the written dialogues with incarcerated souls, evolve into an educational experience through a personal exegesis creating a Prison Theology.

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Library Type: Other/Special

Town of Niagara Historian

7000 Lockport Road
Niagara Falls, NY 14305

Phone: (716) 297-4429

Description of Library: The Town of Niagara local history room contains documents that go back to the creation of the Town if Niagara in 1812. We have tax assessment records from 1819 up through 1960 and numerous subject files of local interest. Our collection also includes over 200 maps that cover the Town of Niagara and surrounding areas. The city of Niagara Falls was a part of the Town of Niagara from 1812-1892, so many of the maps cover that timeframe as well. Lastly, we have a collection of primary records from the Niagara Falls, NY International Institute that contain information on people of Polish heritage going back to the Mother country.

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Library Type: Other/Special