Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site Foundation

641 Delaware Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14202

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The TR Inaugural Site Foundation's historic collection is comprised of approximately 5300 artifacts that help tell the story of Buffalo's 1901 Pan-American Exposition, President McKinley's tragic assassination, and Theodore Roosevelt's presidency, including his inauguration in the home of Buffalo resident Ansley Wilcox.

About 20% of the collection is used to furnish the museum's restored rooms. When not on exhibit, artifacts are housed in dedicated on-site collections areas and stored according to professionally accepted standards. Like the rest of the museum. the purpose-built collections storage space is climate controlled and protected by a (water based) wet-pipe fire suppression system linked to both heat and smoke detectors. Approx. 95% of the collection is cataloged in PastPerfect 5.0.

The collection recalls a turning point in history and holds great importance for not only the local community, but also for a national/international audience. TR's 1901 inauguration, which took place in the aftermath of tragedy, demonstrates the resilience of the American nation and its constitutional democracy. The simple ceremony reminded the country and the world that a peaceful transition of power was possible, even in the aftermath of violence. Roosevelt went on to become what historians have called the first modern US President.

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