Transition of InfoPass Program to AcademicSHAREPass Program 
2/14/2023 - revised 2/16/2023 

For the remainder of 2023 

The InfoPass Program, as it currently exists, will cease at the end of 2023. Libraries who wish to participate in 2023 should complete a 2023 Participation Form. Libraries may continue to distribute InfoPass cards to students to facilitate visits to other libraries, but library staff no longer need to enroll individual students and obtain ID #s   

Beginning in 2024 – The AcademicSHARE Pass Program 

Currently, AcademicSHARE is a program made of up academic institutions who “minimally agree to allow on-site access and lend materials to any current college student, staff, and/or faculty memberfrom another Empire AcademicSHARE member academic library.” Those academic students, staff, and faculty only need to show their college ID to access and borrow materials from other AcademicShare libraries The AcademicSHARE program is part of the larger statewide network of academic libraries and will remain so. 

As an addendum to the AcademicSHARE  program and to eliminate redundancy, the InfoPass program will be folded into the AcademicSHARE program and will be renamed AcademicSHARE Pass Program at the end of 2023.  Only WNYLRC member school libraries, special libraries, and other organizationswho are notacademic libraries can apply to participate in the new AcademicSHARE Pass program.  This new program willprovide the same benefits as InfoPass did for non-academic affiliated researchers, faculty, and students.These benefitsincludethe opportunity to visit Western New York academic libraries and accessor borrow their materialsaccording to the academic library’s policies.  

Interested members must complete a yearly AcademicSHARE Pass Program participation form and will be considered the “home library” who can issue AcademicSHARE passes to their researchers, faculty, and students in good standing.The home library will be listed on as a participating program institution.An AcademicSHARE Pass can only be requested from the home library. 

The actual AcademicSHARE Pass will state that the holder is a researcher, faculty member, or student and include their name and the name of the home library issuing the pass. There will not be any ID numbers generated for pass holders and there will no longer be a database of pass holders for tracking. The AcademicSHARE Pass acts as an introduction of the researcher, faculty, or student to the academic library they wish to visit.  

The academic library may ask the researcher, faculty member, or student to complete a form in order to be added to the academic library’s ILS to receive a community borrower or access card.Borrowing and access privileges are left to the academic library’s discretion. If borrowing privileges are provided, researchers, faculty, and high school students must adhere to all policies and procedures of the academic library. The researcher, faculty, or student will be solely responsible for the safekeeping and timely return of library materials and may incur a fine or charge if materials are lost or not returned.  


What is InfoPass?

The InfoPass program allows library patrons to borrow from or have on-site access to library materials at other participating WNYLRC member libraries. Member libraries and library systems that participate in the program can issue InfoPass cards to their library patrons who are in good standing. The InfoPass card is good for up to one year and it allows individuals access to libraries and resources that may be otherwise unavailable. Participating libraries can determine their own lending and access policies for InfoPass cardholders.

Who can participate?

All WNYLRC members are eligible to participate in this voluntary program. This includes academic, public, special, school, and hospital libraries.

Who can apply for an InfoPass?

Library patrons with serious research needs can apply through their home library (college, high school, public, or other) for an InfoPass card if their home library participates in the program. Applications are submitted online on the WNYLRC website by library staff on behalf of the patron.

A "serious user" may be a faculty member, a graduate student, a corporate researcher, a health science professional, a lawyer, a teacher, a writer, a genealogist, an undergraduate student, or a pre-college honors student (Advanced Placement-AP). The librarian or information manager from the patron's home library is responsible for assessing the patron's information needs before issuing an InfoPass card.

Patron Responsibilities

InfoPass is a courtesy extended to patrons by their home library. Patrons are required to show their InfoPass card when visiting and borrowing materials at participating libraries. Patrons are required to abide by all rules and regulations of each of the libraries from which services are received. The InfoPass card can be rescinded at any time if the patron abuses borrowing or viewing privileges. Patrons are fiscally responsible for any and all materials damaged, lost, or not returned to the lending library. Patrons will be billed for any materials not returned and are subject to fines for late returns.

Library Responsibilities

The InfoPass-issuing library is responsible for ensuring materials are returned and are willing to accept liability for lost books, overdue fines, or other charges incurred by their patrons. WNYLRC will not be held responsible to pay for any charges incurred by patrons from participating libraries.

How It Works

  • Participating libraries complete the Annual Participation Form to declare their interest in the program and list a main contact. Libraries determine the extent of services to be rendered to InfoPass cardholders from outside their own user communities.
  • The main contact must have an account on the WNYLRC Website in order to be assigned rights to distribute InfoPasses to their users.
  • Paper InfoPass cards are sent to participating libraries. A participating library issues an InfoPass card to the user by completing the registration form on the InfoPass webpage. The issuing library can determine the length of time the InfoPass is valid to the user anywhere from one day to one year. An electronic user record is filed on the WNYLRC website.
  • The user receives the paper InfoPass card with the valid dates.


Please contact Jennifer Northup at


Current InfoPass Participants: 

Akron Central School District MS/HS LMC
Amherst Central High School
Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart
Buffalo General Medical Center
Canisius High School
East Aurora High School Library
Erie 2 BOCES School Library System
Genesee Community College
Hilbert College
Houghton College
Kenmore East High School
Lake Shore High School
Millard-Fillmore Suburban Hospital
Nichols School
Nioga Library System
Orleans-Niagara BOCES School Library System
US Army Corps of Engineers, Buffalo District
University at Buffalo - Lockwood, Abbott, and Music libraries

 Borrowing and Access Policies for 2022 Participants

 In addition, WNYLRC libraries listed below have agreed to provide on-site access to resources to all InfoPass cardholders who are not AcademicSHARE participants. Covid restrictions and borrowing priviliges will vary by institution; please contact the individual library for more information.