Empire Library Delivery

Empire Library Delivery (ELD) improves statewide delivery, making resource sharing connections among all types of libraries affordable and streamlined. ELD provides return on investment for libraries by providing a convenient, affordable, and tailored delivery service to institutions, thereby supporting increased statewide resource sharing among ELD participants. By bundling shipments of library materials, ELD assists libraries in quickly getting items into the hands of users.

ELD is overseen by Sheryl Knab of the Western New York Library Resources Council and Kathleen Gundrum of Capital District Library Council.  They convene an advisory council of representatives from the IDS project, ConnectNY, SUNY Libraries and other representative institutions to ensure an efficient, cost-effective exchange of materials among participating libraries.

For questions regarding ELD’s day-to-day operations, please contact admin@esln.org.

For more information, please visit Empire Library Delivery at ESLN.