Committee Chairpersons

Scope: The Committee Chairs Committee provides all organizational standing committees a forum for open discussion and expression of ideas to facilitate sharing and collaboration among standing committees.


  • Annually assess the WNYLRC committee guidelines and propose changes or additions to the WNYLRC Board of Trustees as needed
  • Meet at minimum twice per year to share updates among fellow committee chairs and liaisons
  • Recommend inclusive initiatives that will further the Five-Year Strategic Plan of Service based on committee activities and collaborations
  • Annually review committee finances and request additional funding as needed
  • Invite Board members to participate and provide a written report to the Board summarizing standing committee accomplishments

updated 5/24/2022

Committee chairs of WNYLRC standing committees and subcommittees meet twice per year to review committee guidelines and provide updates on committee activities. Meetings are held once in the spring and once in the fall. Committee chairs also participate in the New Committee Members Orientation held each spring.

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