Careers in Librarianship

"Librarians work in museums, hospitals, businesses, and public libraries. In their work, librarians research, instruct, and connect people to technology. Librarians build websites, digitize archives, and manage social media. Librarians work with people of all ages, connecting them to information, learning and the community."

-American Library Association

Basic Requirements

To become a librarian, you'll need a Master's degree from a program accredited by the American Library Association (ALA). There is usually no specific program of undergraduate study required for entrance into Master's level library and information studies programs.

In order to be a Public Librarian in New York State, you must take a requisite set of classes to obtain a Public Librarian Certificate through the New York State Department of Education.  This certificate must be renewed every 5 years by completing a Continuing Education requirement.  Further details are available here

Local Educational Opportunities

WNYLRC works with and supports the University at Buffalo's Graduate School of Education, which is accredited by ALA and offers the following degrees:

MS in School Librarianship
This degree enables graduates to seek professional employment in Pre-K—12 school libraries. 

MS in Information & Library Science
This degree enables graduates to seek professional employment in the information field in the United States and elsewhere.